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Ecodrive x Marly - One tree planted for every Marly sold!

We often reference Marly’s mission to save one million dead plants. 

Our self-watering planters ensure that gardeners everywhere are thriving, we’re inspiring communities to grow produce in their own homes, and we’re collaborating with designers on green installations

But why stop there?

Thanks to our brand new partnership with Ecodrive, we’re also on a mission to plant one million trees in the wild. 

Now, what you grow at home influences what we grow out there. 



Over 400 companies, including Sprouts, JUST Water, Bubble Skincare, and Sheraton Hotels, partner with Ecodrive to work towards their sustainability goals.

Brands can choose to collaborate on an array of environmental projects around the world including ocean plastic removal, kelp reforestation, tree planting, and agroforestry. 

To date, Ecodrive has planted over 1 million trees, resulting in 750 million lbs of C02 to be sequestered, and more than 11,000 work days created for local communities and economies. 

But what sets Ecodrive apart is their transparency. 

Conservation efforts are verified using technology that tracks, timestamps and geo-coordinates, allowing consumers to see their environmental impact in real time.

Ecodrive also works with individuals directly, allowing you to make contributions that can offset habits like your daily cup of coffee, a work commute, or a round of golf. 



We are beyond excited to announce that with every purchase of a Marly product, a mangrove tree will be planted in Mbuguni, Kenya!

These environmentally vital trees are planted on protected regions of land, creating a tangible, positive impact in several key areas:

  • Carbon removal
  • Habitat renewal
  • Coastline stabilization
  • Supporting local economy

  • Carbon removal

    Mangroves are short, bushy trees that grow in saltwater along coastlines and in intertidal zones. 

    Studies show that Mangroves sequester carbon at a rate two to four times greater than mature tropical forests and contain the highest carbon density of all terrestrial ecosystems. 

    This makes them one of the most efficient tools we have in efforts against a warming climate!

    Habitat renewal

    Mangroves thrive in salty waters and improve water quality by filtering out pollutants and contaminants, contributing to healthy coastal marine water quality.

    They are also teeming with life: more than 1,500 plant and animal species depend on mangroves. This includes fish and birds who use the shallow waters beneath mangrove trees as nurseries.

    Research also indicates that mangroves are critical for larger mammals, such as monkeys, sloths, tigers, hyenas and African wild dogs.


    Coastline stabilization

    Restored mangrove forests will also help to stabilize coastlines, acting as a vital line of defense to protect land and communities during tropical storms. 

    As global temperatures rise, extreme weather events like storms and flood surges are becoming more frequent and severe. 

    The trunks of mangroves absorb the impact of waves, making them an excellent barrier to protect higher ground. 

    Mangroves are an excellent natural solution to improving the resilience of coastal communities.


    Local economy

    Mangrove estuaries are rich in biodiversity.

    Restoring mangroves could add 60 trillion young, edible and commercially valuable fish and invertebrates to coastal waters every year, providing a significant boost to food security as our human population continues to grow.

    As well as increased income streams as a result of thriving habitats, tree planting efforts are also creating employment opportunities for locals. 

    Ecodrive and their partners, Veritree and Earth Lungs Kenya, employ local people to plant and monitor trees, creating well-paying jobs and stimulating the area’s economy. 




    We are incredibly proud to see that in just our first week of partnership with Ecodrive, 106 trees have been planted, equating to over 72,000 lbs of C02 removed over the forest’s lifetime. 

    It’s an amazing start, but there’s a long way to go. 

    We’ll continue tracking the impact of Marly’s forest in Kenya, and potentially more locations, as we continue to grow. 

    And so can you. 

    We’re planting a tree for every Marly product sold. 

    Enter your email or phone number after purchase to track your tree and receive updates on its growth and the difference it’s making.

    When you purchase a Marly, you are making a lasting, trackable impact that is directly attributed to you, and goes far beyond offsetting. 


    To contribute to Marly’s mission of one million saved plants, and now one million planted trees also, visit our online shop to see the full range of Marly planters. 

    We’re offering a 15% discount site-wide with code MARLY15

    Enter the code at checkout and help us in our effort to continue making a real difference to the world around us.


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