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Marly's Permaculture Manifesto


Permaculture - a design approach for sustainable living that integrates principles from ecology, agriculture, architecture, and social systems.

Permaculture aims to create systems that imitate natural ecosystems, promoting biodiversity, resilience, and productivity while minimizing waste and human impact on the environment. 

At Marly, we are on a mission to create greener, happier and healthier environments.

In a world increasingly reliant on a collective move towards sustainability, each and every step counts. 

By providing the tools, information, and inspiration to grow, at Marly we are striving to help individuals, organizations, and entire communities meet and surpass their environmental goals.

See below for more information on how we are making our mark in the following areas:

  • Water Conservation
  • Long-Term Sustainability
  • Urban Agriculture and Food Security
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Educating Future Generations

    And join us on our mission to be so much more than a gardening company. 


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    Water Conservation

    Traditional watering methods often lead to water wastage through runoff and evaporation. 

    Self-watering planters like Marly, however, operate on a reservoir system that delivers water directly to the plant's roots via capillary action as needed, minimizing waste. 

    This efficient water usage not only reduces your water bill but also contributes to the conservation of a precious resource, especially in regions prone to drought.

    We dive further into the details on how self-watering planters and capillary action actually work here


    Long-Term Sustainability

    Investing in high-quality planters is a commitment to long-term sustainability in itself. 

    Marly planters are crafted using high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, known for its strength and resilience. In addition, we incorporate recycled aluminum into our designs, reducing waste and giving new life to this versatile material.

    The longevity of our planters reduces the frequency of replacements, further lessening environmental impact.

    Permaculture emphasizes diversity in planting to create resilient ecosystems capable of self-regulation and adaptation. Self-watering planters provide an ideal environment for cultivating a wide variety of plants, from herbs and vegetables to flowers and shrubs. 

    The versatility of Marly planters allows gardeners of every level to experiment with different species and planting combinations, fostering biodiversity and ecosystem health within limited spaces.

    And when your planter makes use of a self-regulating process like capillary action, you can say goodbye to dead plants, and hello to long-lasting, vibrant foliage, reducing the need to replace unhealthy flora.

    Brooke Morrow, a Botany Technician and plant expert, gave us her advice on what to plant in your Marly, here.


    poster showing stacked planters with different plants growing


    Urban Agriculture and Food Security

    In urban settings where space is limited, Marly planters provide a viable solution for cultivating edible plants. 

    By enabling vertical gardening and maximizing space, our planters empower individuals and communities to grow their own produce. 

    Localized food production reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation and distribution, whilst promoting food security.

    However small the output, whether you’re growing vegetables to eat, or herbs to garnish cocktails with, self-grown produce is a step in the right direction to reducing reliance on industrial agriculture and supporting community self-sufficiency. 

    Marly planters were designed with every gardener in mind, no matter their space. Our stackable planters are perfectly suited to vertical gardening, a key component of permaculture design that utilizes every inch of an area.

    By stacking planters or incorporating them into living walls, permaculturists can create multi-layered gardens that mimic natural ecosystems. 

    This vertical approach not only increases growing space but enhances microclimates, promotes air circulation, and optimizes sunlight exposure, contributing to overall garden productivity.

    Through Marly, urban balconies, dividing walls, small terraces and window sills can be transformed into splashes of green that come with immense physical and mental health benefits.


    poster showing marly planters in an urban space

    Energy Efficiency

    Maintaining traditional gardens often involves frequent watering, which can require energy-intensive activities like using hose pipes or watering cans. 

    In contrast, self-watering planters significantly reduce the need for manual watering, thereby cutting down on energy consumption. 

    By harnessing the power of capillary action to deliver water, planters like those offered by Marly offer a low-energy solution for plant care.


    Educating the next generation

    Marly planters offer valuable educational opportunities, particularly in schools and community gardens. 

    By incorporating self-watering planters into educational programs, individuals of all ages can learn about sustainable gardening practices, water conservation, and our place within nature’s fragile but powerful ecosystems. 

    Cultivating plants fosters a deeper appreciation for nature and encourages stewardship of the environment for years to come. 

    What is learned at school can be taken into the home and beyond. We hope to make Marly a vital resource for the next generation of growers. 


    marly garden house plant pots social

    Marly is more than a gardening company

    We are extremely proud to take our place amongst a movement that is far more important than one company.

    By offering a holistic, 360 degree plant care service to each of our clients, stretching from design and distribution, to delivery and ongoing care, our commitment to permaculture values is far reaching and long term.

    Through our products, content, and community, we hope to make, and enable, changes that will aid our planet and its inhabitants for years to come.

    Join us on our journey by becoming a part of Marly’s Grower Club here.


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