🌵 Content Jungle - Vol. 002 🌵

🌵 Content Jungle - Vol. 002 🌵

"In the Blue Zones, people don't necessarily pump iron at the gym. Instead, their exercise comes from everyday activities such as walking, gardening, and cooking...This is the route to longevity—regular, low-intensity physical activity that you enjoy, deployed for decades...

Blue Zones inhabitants also tend to live close to nature and are able to grow their own food." 


Every Wednesday we bring you the best gardening content from every corner of the internet. 

Links to help you relax, learn, laugh, and go green. 

This week we dive into Blue Zones, the revival of a California commune, LEGO's tiny plants collection, seaweed photography, and King Charles' garden waste fashion collection. 

Plus, much more. 

Enjoy 👇

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Living At One With Nature  

Salmon creek revival image


🌱 The spectacular revival of Salmon Creek Farm - Artist Fritz Haeg talks about the evolution of his off-grid, non-profit cultural commune in California - via Courier Media


🌱 How to live to 100 years? - Breaking down Blue Zone living principals - via GQ


🌱 Plant Tribe: Living Happily Ever After with Plants - This new book by the authors of the bestselling 'Urban Jungle' addresses the life-changing magic of living with and caring for plants - via Design Museum Shop


Feasts for the eyes 

dirt Ireland youtube series


🌱 Right now, we’re addicted to Huckberry’s DIRT series on YouTube. Our favorite episode covers a beautiful journey through Ireland, but wherever you start, prepare to watch every video of the series in one sitting. So good! - via Huckberry YouTube


🌱 YETI launch their Agave Collection, a color inspired by those who harvest by hand. And with it, a beautifully shot video of the Mexican farmers working at the plant's origin - via Yeti YouTube


Things That Have Made Us Smile

Ben Zank community garden launch


🌱 Best clothing range launch of the year so far? Photographer Ben Zank teams up with Market on a Community Garden collection - via IG


🌱 LEGO's tiny plants collection lets you build your own jungle - via LEGO


🌱 Forever being humbledvia @OverheardNY




🌱 10 Modern Homes With Living Trees Growing Inside - via Design Milk 


🌱 This Bonkers New L.A. Office Tower Will Have Spirals of Plants Built Right Into It - via Robb Report


🌱 Copenhagen design studio Fragile has launched a modular housing kit (would look even better with modular, stackable planters from Marly…just saying) - via Dezeen


Art & Fashion Keeping Things Green

Ant Hamlyn plant art


🌱 In Ant Hamlyn's latest body of work, bright succulents, cacti and plants attempt to burst from their habitats in a desperate search for air and room to grow - via This is Collosal


🌱 King Charles gets in on the Gardencore craze with a fashion show using royal garden waste - via Hello Magazine


Events & Opinions

metropolis design talk


🌱 Design Optimism Talks: Creating a Regenerative Future - PROWL Studios’ Lauryn Menard (and friend of Marly!), called on designers to “begin with the end” during the January session of METROPOLIS’s Design Optimism Talks - via Metropolis Mag


🌱 Seaweed Cyanotype Workshop - Do you live in Southern California? Don't miss this in-person opportunity to learn the process of capturing the beauty of seaweed through historic photographic techniques - via Usal Project


The Best of Marly Garden


marly founders notes


🌱 Founder Notes - From Palm Springs to San Francisco, Bolinas to Santa Barbara, things have been busy recently. I cover every mile here...


🌱  Marly's Permaculture Manifesto - By providing the tools, information, and inspiration to grow, at Marly we are striving to help individuals, organizations, and entire communities meet and surpass their environmental goals




Walks in nature are scientifically proven to increase productivity, happiness and health.

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