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Every Wednesday we bring you the best gardening content from every corner of the internet. 

Links to help you relax, learn, laugh, and go green. 

This week we dive into Gardencore, green buildings, plant inspired art, treehouse rentals, and a hilarious take on how to befriend your houseplants. 

Enjoy ✌️

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Gardening Fashion

Gardencore continues to takeover the world of fashion.

Finally, my years of buying secondhand workwear and hoarding old clothes because "I'll still do my gardening in them" is vindicated:


🌱 Aimé Leon Dore drop the garden inspired ‘Diner Clog’ - via Aimé Leon Dore

🌱 Emma Chamberlain goes green with Lancǒme skincare - via Instagram

🌱 CRTFD’s Community Garden range has you looking as good on the street as you do in the flower beds - via CRTFD 



Blueprints Go Green in the World of Architecture

In our opinion, it's the buildings which combine man-made structures with the natural world that stand the test of time. The recent and growing push for sustainable building practices and nature-conscious design is a welcome one.

Here are our favorite finds of the week in green architecture:


🌱 A lush oasis built in the desert - via Archello


🌱 Designing for Plants: The Architecture of Greenhouses and Their Relationship with the Environment - via Arch Daily


🌱 Exploring The Vibes, a multi-functional hub in Vietnam - via Design Boom


🌱 SOM designs "terminal in a garden" for Bangalore airport - via Dezeen


🌱 It’s a jungle in here: the rise of the ‘biophilic’ home - via FT


Music for the Garden

Whether we're pruning plants, finishing spreadsheets, or cooking with a glass of wine, garden inspired beats are what we're listening to right now. 

Immerse yourself in horticultural heaven with the playlists below:


🌱 Music to grow with by yours truly - via Marly garden Soundcloud


🌱 Club Random bringing the rainforest club beats - via @samgoku.ssj



Plant Inspired Art


🌱 Banksy is back with a mural posing questions about our relationship with urban nature - via Smithsonian Mag 


🌱 Slow down with this stunning, visual encyclopedia of the farm - via Slowness



Plant-based Photography Books

Some coffee table books were meant to be read. These two were meant to be read, re-read and read again. 

Stunning photos of plant and tree culture abound:


🌱 'Looking at Trees', by Sophie Howarth - via Hoxton Mini Press


🌱 Pia Riverola’s Debut Photo Book Is a Tribute to the Beauty of Mexico - via AnOther Magazine


Gardening Life 

If you've been bitten by the gardening bug (the best kind!), you'll know that the hobby can quickly take over your life. 

Check out some deeper perspectives on the power of plants, and learn a novel way of bringing a splash of color into your home:


🌱 How can gardening provide solace from the trauma of Covid? Lucy Jiachun Hu’s illustrated book explores - via It’s Nice That


🌱 How to Grow a Dye Garden With Aaron Sanders Head - via Atlas Obscura


🌱 Inside A Designer's Minimal Courtyard House With A Japanese-Inspired Garden - via The Modern House YouTube

Getting Outdoors

Embrace your inner child and spend a night or two in one of these awesome treehouses available to rent.

Then, on your return home, take steps to ensure your own patch of land is doing its bit for the wider environment:


🌱 Treehouse Rentals: The 27 Best Treetop Cabins From Around the USA - via Field Mag


🌱 How to turn your garden into a National Park - via Inverse



Things That Have Made Us Smile

Bonus links that have caught our eye this week. Because you deserve it:


🌱 Jeremy Allen White carrying flowers - via hommegirls IG


🌱 The Japanese profession of Bokka - very similar to how it feels delivering Marly - via @wrathofgnon


🌱 How to befriend your houseplants - A witty, playful take on cultivating modern relationships with our houseplantsvia Nowness


🌱 Documenting coastal California wildflower growth on film - via Instagram

The Best of Marly Garden

Company updates, from yours truly:


🌱 In conversation with Brooke Morrow, Botany Technician and Marly Ambassador - Via The Marly Journal

🌱 Gardening Gift Guide - Spring 2024 - via The Marly Journal


🌱 Everything you need to know about stackable planters - via The Marly Journal


We hope you enjoyed our meandering expedition through this week's content jungle. 

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