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Gardening Gift Guide - Spring 2024 Edition

With the start of spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself, or the budding gardener in your life, to a new set of horticultural accessories.

We’ve done the digging for you (pun definitely intended), seeking out the best in gardening gadgets, workwear and reading material to help make gifting easier than ever.

Read on below for our top picks!

The Stylish Secateurs - Fujimaki Rattan by Niwaki

Pruning, cutting, and shaping plants is one of the most satisfying activities in the world. 

Take the ultimate relaxing activity one step further with stylish secateurs that will be the envy of your gardening peers. 

Hand-forged in Japan from hard-wearing KA70 carbon steel, this limited-edition tool offers clean, efficient, and fast-healing cuts with a maximum cut diameter of 15mm (0.6 in). The cherry on top? The stunning handles, wrapped in beautiful Wisteria rattan for a unique, textured grip.


Gardening gift guide - Secateurs

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The Chic Watering Can - Rowley Ripple by Hawley

Yes, you can water your plants with an old mug or pint glass, but where’s the fun in that?

We much prefer to use a classic tool that is fit for purpose and looks every bit as good as the plants it’s keeping healthy. 

Perfectly balanced with a long curved spout for pinpoint accuracy, the Rowley Ripple's removable oval non-drip brass rose makes it ideal for watering delicate seedlings, small plants and pots.


Gardening gift guide - Green watering can

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The Biodegradable Plant Support - Coco Coir Pole by Kanso Designs

Sometimes your plants may need a little assistance with growing in the right direction. 

The Coco Coir Pole is the ideal aid for indoor climbing plants and vines. Made from natural and biodegradable coconut husk, the pole is safe and sturdy for training climbing plants to grow upright, while maintaining moisture for aerial roots absorption.


Gardening gift guide - Moss growing pole

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The Fair-Trade Certified Utility Apron - All Seasons Hemp Canvas Work Apron by Patagonia

At Marly, we are big fans of Patagonia - strong, stylish workwear, sustainable practices and socially conscious business values, what’s not to love?

A brand that started on the mountains is now kitting out gardeners too.

This sturdy, all-purpose work and shop apron is made from lightweight, durable and breathable All Seasons Hemp canvas, with no break-in required.

Plus, it's made in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory.


Gardening gift guide - Patagonia tool apron 

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The 100% Vegan, All-Weather Footwear - Billie Clogs by Merry People

If you have green thumbs, green toes could be next...

Whether you’re tending to your plants inside your home or outside in the garden, the Billie Clog is a comfortable slip-on alternative to full rain boots.

The sole design offers enhanced traction on slippery surfaces with neoprene lining adding comfort to every step. 


Gardening gift guide - Waterproof clogs

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The Multi-Purpose Tool/Plant/Water Carrier - Garden Bag by Vego

When Vego say their Garden Tool Bag is multi-purpose, they really mean that it's multi-purpose!

Perfect for storing tools, water, and anything else you need for a day out in the garden.

Overbuilt and designed for utility and comfort, this compact 5 gallon bag is a versatile aid to gardeners of any skill level.

The last garden bag you’ll ever need to buy!

Gardening gift guide - Waterproof tool bag

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The 2-In-1 Watering Aid - Can & Mister by House of Botanicals 

Simple, stylish and functional, this lightweight indoor watering can has a traditional spout for easy reach and watering as well as a spray nozzle to mist your plant’s foliage for optimal health.

Great for leveling up your plant health, great for leveling up your garden's cool factor.


Gardening gift guide - Watering Can and Mister

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The Classic Gardening Gloves - Barebones by LL Bean

Certain things are considered classic for a reason. 

And you know exactly what you're going to get with this quintessential pair of gardening gloves from LL Bean.

Protect your hands and enjoy more comfortable outdoor work with these gardening gloves, crafted from soft yet durable premium leather.


Gardening gift guide - Classic gardening gloves

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Coffee table books - Gardening Collection


The New Garden Paradise: Great Private Gardens of the World

A celebration in words and breathtaking images of thirty-five landscapes created for private clients by today's preeminent designers.


Inside Outside: A Sourcebook of Inspired Garden Rooms

Inside Outside is filled with private gardens from North America and Europe that are inspiring and illustrative examples.

From dramatic topiaries and black tulips in Massachusetts to the living wall in the courtyard of a Paris penthouse, fresh ideas permeate both the gardens found within this book and the design thinking behind them.


Lessons from the Great Gardeners: Forty Gardening Icons and What They Teach Us

Featuring lush illustrations harvested from the archives of the Royal Horticultural Society, as well as sections on a dozen international gardens that showcase the lessons of the greats, this homage to the love of good, clean dirt is sure to inspire readers to get out in the sun and dig.


Lessons from the great gardeners book


Making More Plants: The Science, Art, and Joy of Propagation

Ken Druse, one of America’s foremost gardening authorities, presents innovative, practical techniques for expanding any plant collection, along with more than 500 photographs.


Flora: Inside the Secret World of Plants

Let the experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens guide you around the beautiful and mysterious world that is the plant kingdom.

Whether you are a keen gardener, naturalist, or botany student, this beautiful book is a treat that will entice, inform, and amaze.


The Kinfolk Garden: How to Live with Nature

Anchored around the idea of nature as nourishment, The Kinfolk Garden explores lush gardens and plant filled homes around the world and introduces the inspiring people who coax them into bloom.

Through visits to friends old and new, the Kinfolk team learns the secrets to a good garden, and what good a garden can do for our self-care, creativity and communities.


Cookbooks - Gardening Collection

  • The Vegetable Garden Cookbook: 60 Recipes to Enjoy Your Homegrown Produce

  • In this vivid, beautifully-styled cookbook you will find garden-fresh recipes centered on 23 all-star vegetables you can grow in your own home garden.

  • The vegetables featured are: eggplant, cauliflower, beans, broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus, peas, fennel, cucumbers, potatoes, corn, squash, chard, carrots, peppers, parsnips, radishes, beets, spinach, tomatoes, cabbage, zucchini, and onions.

  • Seed to table cookbook


  • Seed to Table: A Seasonal Guide to Organically Growing, Cooking, and Preserving Food at Home
  • Seed to Table focuses on how to feed your family with nutritious foods from your own garden.

    Whether you live in a city or in the country, this book gives you tools on effective growing techniques, seed starting methods, and garden maintenance. 



    The Movie

    The Gardener by Sevastien Chabot

    We like nothing more than shutting the blinds, fetching the ice cream and kicking back to relax in front of a great movie. 

    The Gardener is the perfect film for aspiring horticulturalists in need of grand inspiration. 

    Created over 75 years and three generations, Les Quatre Vents stands as an enchanted place of beauty and surprise, a horticultural masterpiece of the 21st century. 

    See how Frank Cabot gave birth to one of the greatest gardens in the world.

    Available on Blu-Ray and streaming on Amazon Prime 


    Last But Not Least

    The Self-Watering, Stackable Planter - Earthy Terracotta Planter by Marly Garden

    What spring gift guide would be complete without, in our humble opinion, the best self-watering planter on the market right now. 

    We made the Marly planter to help you grow plants more easily. No more worrying, no more stress about who was last to water your beloved plants.

    Each Marly includes proven self-watering technology that ensures your plants get exactly the water they need. Nothing more, nothing less. 


    Larger, Earthy Terracotta Self-Watering Planter

    Shop the Marly collection here


    We hope you enjoyed our list of spring gifts for gardeners!

    We’ll be producing similar gardening gift guides, as well as updating our lists of favorite books, podcasts and movies, regularly throughout the year. 

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