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Extension Legs

Unveil a new dimension of versatility and style with Marly's Elevated Legs – the perfect solution to take your Marly collection to the next level. Elevate your plants, elevate your decor, and elevate your surroundings with this innovative accessory designed to redefine how you engage with greenery.

Key Features:

  1. Heightened Elegance: Elevate your plants to eye-catching heights, transforming your living spaces, work environments, and outdoor areas into captivating displays of green vitality.

  2. Customizable Configurations: The longer legs seamlessly integrate with Marly's stackable planters, offering an additional layer of personalization. Mix and match colors, textures, and arrangements for a stunning visual impact.

  3. Space Optimization: Make the most of limited space with vertical gardening. Marly's Elevated Legs allow you to maximize your plant display in small living quarters, offices, balconies, and more.

  4. Effortless Design: Installation is a breeze. Simply attach the legs to your existing stackable planters to instantly create a breathtaking vertical garden that demands attention.

  5. Uncompromised Quality: Crafted from durable aluminum, Marly's Elevated Legs are designed to ensure stability, strength, and longevity, supporting your plants securely and stylishly.

Elevate your green sanctuary to new heights and immerse yourself in the captivating world of elevated gardening. With Marly's Elevated Legs, you're not just adding legs – you're adding a touch of elegance, a dash of innovation, and a world of creative possibilities.

Transform your space. Transform your perspective. Elevate with Marly.

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marly garden house plant pot

Grow healthier, happier plants with Marly.

Simplicity is key, which is why we developed a planter that is self-watering, stackable, and made from recycled materials.

Marly is a modular, sustainable solution to your biggest plant problems, such as lack of space and over/under-watering — because growing plants should spark curiosity, not a call to action.


1. Choose your Marly pot

Choose the color that best matches your style, in a size that best suits your space.

2. Add your plant

Following your order, our team will connect you with local nurseries to help you fill your pot.

3. Water once a month

Your plant receives the water it needs, when it needs it. Simply refill every 30-45 days and let Marly handle the rest.


“It makes growing and taking care of your plant almost too easy."

Makenzie - New York, NY

“I am very big in plants and we have a big lower garden. We are always looking for ways to shorten our work or make it easier.”

Dominick - Culver City, CA

“I will leave my apartment for a month at a time, so now I can leave knowing my plants will remain healthy and happy while I’m gone.”

Isabelle - Chicago, IL


Self-Watering? How?

Most people water their plants from the top, though plants actually absorb water from the bottom up. Marly Pots are complete with active water reservoirs that sit at the bottom of the pot, to be drawn from as needed through a process called capillary action. 

Once the water has been absorbed and is able to reach the plant's leaves, the water can then be used for photosynthesis and other essential plant processes. By allowing the plant to absorb the amount of water it needs, when it needs it — we are eliminating the potential for over/under-watering that usually occurs while growing.

Is my Marly Pot safe to grow food in?

Yes! In addition to indoor and outdoor plants, Marly is perfectly safe to grow fruits, veggies, and flowers in.

What is the planter made of?

Marly is made from a combination of virgin and recycled HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene). Our pots are highly durable and can easily be recycled in a variety of applications. The root basket inside the pot is made from sustainably sourced recycled aluminum.

Do plants come with my Marly purchase?

Not yet! However, after you order your Marly, we will connect you with local nurseries to help fill your pot, no matter where you are.