🛻 Content Jungle Vol. 005 🛻

🛻 Content Jungle Vol. 005 🛻

Gardens are really interesting, because they pull you into the present moment. That's very relaxing when we're thinking about the future all the time.
But also they're cyclical. So there's a sense that things decline, but then they return - I have found that deeply uplifting, especially during the conditions of the pandemic and everything that followed it.” 
- Olivia Laing in The Garden Against Time


Every week we bring you the best plant and gardening content from every corner of the internet. 

Links to help you relax, learn, laugh, and go green. 

In Volume. 005 a photographer captures Italy's 'Tree Men', Gucci go big on a plant installation, breaking down NASA's Clean Air Study, notes on Marly's partnership with Heller Design, and we find out where Mother's Day flowers actually come from.

Plus, much, much more. 

Enjoy 👇

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kei truck gardening contest


🌱 Scenes from the 2024 Kei-Truck Gardening Contest, in which professional gardeners compete to create a beautiful, seasonal and unique landscape, all within the bed of their kei-trucks - via @spoontamago on IG 


🌱 The Amazonian town putting world cities to shame in levels of sustainability - via BBC Travel


🌱 Where do the millions of flowers bought on Mother's Day actually come from? - via BBC Travel


🌱 Photographing Italy's 'Tree Men' - via WeTransfer WePresent



 🌱 Considering the social, political and cultural contexts of the garden - via Wallpaper 


🌱 The best flowers to plant if you rent: 10 blooms for flexible gardening - via Homes and Gardens


🌱 In conversation with Brooke Morrow: An expert’s plant recommendations for every level of gardener - via the Marly Journal



gardening gif


🌱 Chou’s snapshot animations emphasize the 'simple' shape and movement of plants - via It's Nice That


🌱 Sketch celebrates 200 years of the National Gallery in London with a budding floral takeover - Wallpaper


🌱 'Brutalist Plants', by Olivia Broome, explores the meeting of plants and Brutalist architecture - via Hoxton Mini Press & @brutalistplants


🌱 Gucci filled Tate Modern’s Tanks with thousands of plants for its latest Cruise show - via Wallpaper



🌱 Ranked: The top countries by forest growth since 2021 - via Visual Capitalist


🌱 Discovering a tiny 700-year-old forest within sight of North America’s busiest highway - via The Guardian




🌱 Breaking down NASA's Clean Air Study - which houseplants are the most effective, and how many should your space contain? - via Quartz YouTube


🌱 Stepping inside a Singapore home that forgoes air conditioning (and windows) to take living with nature to an extreme - via Dwell 




Heller design x marly


🌱 Home From College x Marly: The Home From College team were keen to keep their office a fun and vibrant environment to work. We were happy to deliver with our custom plant design services - via the Marly Journal

🌱 Heller x Marly: Plant Solutions for Icons of the Design Industry: It was an honor to hear that Heller Furniture had deemed Marly planters worthy of a place in their head office - via the Marly Journal



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