Nicole McLaughlin gardening shorts

🌎 Content Jungle - Vol. 003 🌎

"Given the obvious references to the natural world, we can expect to see plenty of floral motifs in this year's red-carpet looks"
Harper's Bazaar on this year's Met Gala theme


Every week we bring you the best gardening content from every corner of the internet. 

Links to help you relax, learn, laugh, and go green. 

In Volume. 003 Gardencore reaches the red carpet, London’s shop window plants are caught on film, living furniture lets nature take a seat, notes from a weekend in Mexico City, and we dive into the ancient power of forest bathing.

Plus, much more. 

Enjoy 👇

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vancouver soccer cherry blossom jersey

The world of fashion still can't resist calling on nature for inspiration... 


🌱 Fashion designer Nicole McLaughlin showcases her upcycled gardening shorts - via X 


🌱 Vancouver Football Club launch their new cherry blossom jersey - via IG


🌱 Exploring 'The Garden of Time', this year's Met Gala theme - via Harper’s Bazaar


chia chair dezeen


Living, breathing, sustainable design continues to look and feel best...


🌱 The World’s 15 Most Incredible Buildings Made Entirely of Wood - via AD


🌱 A living Chia-Chair, designed for plants first and humans second - via Dezeen



earth month history


The natural world goes digital with interactive tools and educational podcasts... 


🌱 New York’s State tourism board, have created an interactive map of the state’s blooming flowers and where to find them - via I LOVE NEW YORK


🌱 Everything you need to know about Earth Month with this in-depth history of the vital calendar landmark - via


🌱 We’re currently listening to Soundfood - conversations with leaders working in the arts, education, agriculture, film, music, media, wellness, social activism and sustainability - via Soundfood


🌱 As well as Cultivating Place - discussions on natural history and the human impulse to garden - via NPR


London shops with plants


🌱 Linda McCartney captures Paul and their children at their happiest, in the garden, in her photo collection ‘Flowers’ - via Plant Magazine

🌱 From Georgia O’Keeffe to Charles Sheeler, Christie's roundup the groundbreaking American artists who put beautiful blooms on canvas - via Christie's


🌱 Photographing the Well-Loved Plants of London Shop Windows - via Another Mag



Mexico City green architecture

🌱 We took a dive into the ancient art of Shinrin-Yoku or ‘Forest Bathing’. Check it out here: Embrace the Healing Power of Shinrin-Yoku: Bringing Nature Into Your Home - via Marly Journal

🌱 Plus, Founder's Notes from a weekend away: The Power of Green Space and Sustainable Agriculture in Mexico City - via Marly Journal



Forest bathing helps to reduce stress, increase happiness, improve mental health, enhance immune function and heighten energy. 

Whilst we recommend immersing yourself in the real thing, a walk in a digital forest is no bad thing either. 

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See you next week for more plant-based musings. 


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