installing marly self-watering planter

BTS: Installing Marly's Self-Watering Planters in a New York Studio


"Marly has made my plants easier to maintain and take care of. They reduce the number of times I have to water which is perfect for someone always on the move!"

David Komisarchik is the founder of Thread Studio, a production and photography studio, and a community space for creatives, based in Brooklyn, NY. 

He was looking for planters that would help his plants to thrive as well as fit seamlessly into his beautiful, airy studio.

As someone with a busy schedule managing shoots, hosting events, and building his own portfolio of work, David also needed a product that was extremely convenient and low maintenance. 

Marly's plant design team recommended the Pair Bundle in Sage Green. 

The set of planters would keep his plants healthy and be easy to maneuver for whatever the situation in-studio called for. 

Check out David's self-watering planter installation below.  


Delivery and Unboxing

With free delivery inside the US, whichever size, and however many planters you purchase, receiving your Marly package is easy. 


Every Marly box includes instructions for set-up and more information on how the self-watering system works, ensuring your plants are ready to go in a matter of minutes.



Installing your plants

Depending on the size of your plants and roots, you may need to make a few small adjustments to ensure they fit in your chosen Marly.


 Add the appropriate amount of potting soil for a snug fit.


Then fill your Marly reservoir. Your planter's water level indicator will show you just how much you need. Your plants will do the rest.  

You'll then know exactly when to top up (roughly every 30-45 days).


Gently lift the planter insert and plant into place.


Add some extra soil on top if necessary. This is where you get those green thumbs you've been dreaming of... 


Pour a little water to moisten the top soil. And voila...



Sit back and relax!

As you can see from these images of Thread Studio, David's space is beautiful, and Marly looks right at home. 


David has designed his studio to be a warm, welcoming space for creatives, digital nomads, and production teams. 

With the addition of lush, green plants, kept healthy by their Marly planters, he's bringing in clean air, a natural stress reducer, and enhanced aesthetics to the room. 


Surrounding yourself with nature has also been linked to increased creativity.

The organic shapes and colors of plants can inspire new ideas and perspectives, making Thread Studio a beautiful place to make art. 


A wider look at the studio shows you how the pops of green tie the studio together perfectly.  


A huge thank you to David and Thread Studio for these awesome photos of his Marly installation. 

We're looking forward to following their plant growing journey and seeing those thumbs get even greener! 

We'll let David have the final words;

"My goal has been to create a community space for creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners from which to work.

Marly has helped me bring life and natural greenery to the space which is amazing".



You can shop the Marly Collection here.

And find out more information on booking time at Thread Studios here


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